March 9, 2007

Favorite Internet Miscellany

To kick things off, I'm going to present my current favorite random crap of the internet, accumulated over weeks and years of procrastination.

AFI Top 100 Films - How many have you seen? (I've seen 54). This list is from 1996-ish, though, and they're making a new one. The list of potential candidates can be downloaded here. I sincerely doubt that Citizen Kane and The Godfather are going anywhere, but there are some new ones that I hope make it (Rushmore!) and some that I certainly hope don't (Crash!)

Mitch Hedberg quotes - good for a quick laugh. I saw his show shortly before he died - rest in peace.

Paintings by Alyssa Monks. Beautiful work.

Mashup of a trailer for "The Shining" to make it a romantic comedy. Hilarious. I know the whole world has seen this by now, but I may never get over it.

Ways to freak out your roommate. Last year I scoured this for ideas, in all seriousness.

NotStarring - did you know that Lucille Ball was considered for the lead in "Gone with the Wind?" This site has all the roles that actors turned down or were rejected for.

Movie poster gallery, with lots of large-size pictures of movie posters from all years and languages. Contributed greatly to the decoration of my walls.

40 Things That Only Happen in Movies - SO funny! A lot of these things I never thought about before, but they always happen and don't really make sense.

Face stickers - think how much more fun work would be with these.

Who knew that Matt Damon could do a DEAD-ON impression of Matthew McConaughey?

The Nietzsche Family Circus pairs randomized Friedrich Nietzsche quotes with random images from the comic strip Family Circus. Devastating if you actually like Family Circus, devastatingly funny if don't.

Career-Summing Movie Posters. I looked at every single one of these, and couldn't stop laughing. I probably had to write a paper or something.


Did you know that listening to Frank Sinatra can turn you gay? I sure didn't, and would have turned into a full-blown carpetmuncher had the nice folks at Love God's Way not intervened. Here is a handy list of bands that will turn you gay. (Absurd. Truly.)

And finally, CuteOverload. If everyone went to this site every day, like I do, there would be world peace. For serious.

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