May 22, 2007

Movie Linxxx

Some movie-related links that are tickling my fancy these days:

- The folks over at Something Awful took it upon themselves to take some movie posters and photoshop them into grindhouse-style movie posters. Awesome.

- "Five things you can't say in Hollywood," according to an Esquire writer. Very interesting and provocative.

- Apparently, people in the UK lie about seeing movies that they haven't seen and "name-drop" notable films that they have. Something tells me that this happens in the US too.

- Also on the subject of our friends across the ocean, British women confess to having seen Dirty Dancing an average of 15 TIMES!! See what else tops the Brits' most-watched list here.

- If you are not familiar with the Angry Alien site already (, you should go and watch ALL of their 30-second reenactments of popular movies done by animated bunnies. I've seen them all and their latest, March of the Penguins, is a favorite, because it's a movie consisting entirely of an animal that is nothing like a bunny. And it's narrated by "Morgan FreeBun." Nice.

- And finally, a really cool movie-themed t-shirt. Just so nobody gets mad at me, I'm telling you now: it's a really well-designed shirt that contains spoilers for the endings of about 20 different popular movies. It would either make you the most popular or the most hated person at a party.

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