December 16, 2007

Shameless self-promotion

Okay, so you guys like movies, right? That is SO convenient, because I just made one! It's a project for class that gave me increasing amounts of gray hair all semester, but I think it turned it pretty darn good. So check it OUT! If that didn't sell ya, this will: it's about Waldo. Yeah, that Waldo.



Anonymous said...

What did your professor think about your video?

I thought it was really good.

Michael said...

Nice work !

TAS said...

Well done, Julie. And a seriously good use of color (something that's become a lost art in itself). Keep on keeping on.

Have a just and righteous New Year.

edwin the philosopher said...

pretty funny, but let me play critic and say i could see where there was room for improvement, especially in the performances during the opening scene. the lighting was off, and thus ruined the funny performance by "wilma".

however, i think you tied it all very well with the soundtrack and as well as all other technical aspects in the closing scene. it's kind of like two different movies; two different styles.

capture the latter on a more consistent basis, and you'll get more recognition. i'm sure your professor told you the same thing. in terms of the technical, it was a pretty good short movie.