July 10, 2008

Is this actually a movie? #2

The second offering in my prestigious line-up of movies that can't possibly be real comes to us courtesy of Uwe Boll. Yes, Uwe Boll, director of such fine films as Alone in the Dark and BloodRayne. The same Uwe Boll who has a petition going to prevent him from ever making another movie. And yes, the same Uwe Boll who challenged his critics to a boxing match.

I present to you: Postal.

Checklist of ITAAM (is this actually a movie) elements (some gleaned from other clips and trailers):

- Brokeback Mountain joke involving George Bush and Osama bin Laden? Check.
- Verne Troyer? Check.
- Tons of monkeys? Check.
- Hot Nazi girls with Hitler mustaches? Check.
- Dave Foley's dong? Check.
- Painfully easy Tom Cruise jokes? Check.
- Suicide bombers debating the number of virgins they get to shag in heaven? Check.
- The guy who played the Soup Nazi? Check.
- A tasteless recreation of the 9/11 attack that shows a guy blowing up? Check.

And much, much more!

Inexplicably, this film won not one, but two awards at the Hoboken International Film Festival. Yet at a free screening at the same festival, 200 people walked out.

I have provided not one, but two trailers for you that highlight different elements of the film's ridiculousness. If you're still somehow enticed to see this catastrophe in the full, it comes out on Blu-Ray next month, so you can see the poor taste at superior quality. And may God have mercy on your soul.

1 comment:

Zanahoria12 said...

I have to say, as disturbing as this trailer makes the film appear, it reminds me a lot of the Hot Shots movies in style and comedic feel...it might be a good drinking movie...