December 19, 2008

My new film!

So if you did not already know, I am a film major at Emerson College. I have just completed my latest film, shot on 16mm. And what would be the point of having a blog if I couldn't pimp my work?

I have an internet version here. It's not the greatest quality, but you get the idea. I couldn't upload it to YouTube, because it's too long. Instead, I uploaded it to Median, which is Emerson College's version of YouTube without length limits. The bummer is that it's a Flash-based site, so I can't provide a direct link. It should be one of the first titles on there, but if not, you can search "Teenage Christ."

Here ya go:

Comments welcome, as long as they are glowing positive reviews.

Happy holidays...I think you'll find the subject matter of this film fitting for the season. Share it with friends! Free publicity woohoo!


Anonymous said...

Great! Very funny film.
I really enjoy this blog of yours too.
Best of luck with everything.


Owen K said...

Very enjoyable. Well put together, shows a real talent.

Keep up the good work, and well done.