April 15, 2009

Is this actually a movie? #4

I am not going to preface this with anything other than the fact that it is truly not a parody or joke of any kind.

Christians, you gotta raise the bar.

I should really get into the religious entertainment racket, because you can seemingly pass off ANYTHING as a movie. I'm not trying to knock Christians or their beliefs, but for whatever reason they seem to pardon improbable stories, bad acting, horrible writing, cheesy effects, and any other crime against the cinema if the movie has a religious message. But it's not like your only source of religious films is this absurd ghetto - just check out the "religion" section of the Vatican's list of best films. Not all of them are classics like Ben-Hur or The Passion of Joan of Arc, but all of the films listed are at least trying.

You know a movie's bad when comments are disabled on YouTube, and when the following is including in the movie's IMDB FAQ:

Q: Is this film satire, a spoof of something, or some type of joke?
A: No, this is an actual movie which has a religious plot and message.

This movie is allegedly out in theaters now, if you want it to see it and thus have no respect for yourself.

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