March 9, 2010

Context-free delight #2

With African-American entertainers so often sidelined, even today, it's great that the incredible dancing duo of the Nicholas Brothers got their share of screen time back in the 30s and 40s. If the clips of them dancing weren't so old, I might cry foul and say it was all CG. I wanted to post a clip of them from The Pirate where they dance alongside Gene Kelly and keep narrowly avoiding lighting their asses on fire from nearby candles, but some buzzkill took the clips off YouTube. Instead I have what I feel is a very suitable consolation prize - their crazy awesome dance number from the otherwise rather mediocre Stormy Weather (1943). In addition to their mad tap-dancing skills, they seem to possess an almost superhuman ability to NOT INJURE THEIR BALLS. If you can't take three whole minutes out of your day, skip to 2:27 to see where it really gets insane.

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