September 10, 2010


So I'm a bit late to the game on this one...I stumbled upon the Twitter hashtag "#inadequatemovies," where the idea is to change a film title to something rather less enticing. Twitter was being finicky, so I found a goldmine of them in the comments section over at Glenn Kenny's blog. Does it get any geekier than having to stifle your laughter (in the workplace) from reading these? My favorite might be "Intern Zhivago," with "The Nifty Ambersons" a close second. And for some reason, as I was falling asleep last night and then commuting to work this morning, I couldn't stop thinking of my own. I share with you the fruits of my excessively nerdy labor. Throw down your own in the comments!

Jackie Beige
Reservoir Puppies
Permanent Resident Kane
M. Hulot's Staycation
Breakfast at Zale's
Last Jitterbug in Paris
The Passion of Joan of Arkansas
Schindler's Grocery List
The Spy Who Only Liked Me As a Friend
Big Trouble in Little Malaysia
Catch Me If You Feel Like It
The Prunes of Wrath
Pedicab Driver
Who's Afraid of Emily Brontë?
A Dozen Perturbed Gentlemen
Rebel With Justifiable Motivation
My Own Private New Mexico
Night of the Gatherer

1 comment:

joem18b said...

funny list! altho i might go with "raisins of wrath" instead of "prunes," just to maintain a parallel construction.

my contributions:

gone with the breeze
moby bruce
war of the neighborhoods
the godartificialinseminationparent
eleven angry men
one flew over the parakeet's nest
lord of the friendship rings
side window
the annoying baaing of the lambs