February 23, 2012

Is this actually a movie? #9

I frequently find myself thinking, "know what I could really go for? A comedic western starring Insane Clown Posse."


Not only does Big Money Rustlas adhere to the above description, but it features a slew of C-list cameos from the likes of Ron Jeremy, Tom Sizemore, Brigitte Nielsen, Vanilla Ice, and Dustin Diamond. It has rave reviews on Netflix, such as (and I quote) "This movie is by far too godly for you non juggalo hater noobs to even fathom so if you rented it then dont talk crap it is litterally the funniest movie EVER!!!" A couple fans do provide constructive criticism, such as "I thought the other Psychopathic artists could of [sic] had more lines or bigger parts like ABK and Blaze." 

This masterpiece of cinema is available for your viewing pleasure on Netflix Instant. If westerns aren't your thing, however, there's still hope - this film is actually a prequel to Big Money Hustla$, which employs a cops and robbers theme.

If anyone is brave enough to watch this, let me know. After all, I'm fairly certain it's the only film ever made containing an image that even approximates this one: