August 30, 2010

Poster fail

It's not uncommon for various countries to produce misleading or incorrect advertising for American films. Perhaps the film hasn't premiered there yet or maybe someone's just plain lazy. Whatever the case, it can lead to hilarious results such as these (if you don't want to click on the link, you should know that there's a French poster for King Kong that heavily implies that the ape faces off against a giant shark). It's understandable how these things might happen in other countries. What I don't understand, however, is how an American poster would completely misrepresent an American film. Now, I know that sometimes advertisers will make a film appear a certain way to lure audiences, but that explanation doesn't really jive in the following case.

I was cruising around on movie poster site Carteles de Cine today, which is an incredible resource for high-res movie posters from around the world (albeit in Spanish - you can navigate it fine without knowing anything beyond "taco," but search by actor or director since English titles trip it up sometimes). I was on the hunt for a poster image for On the Waterfront, which as you probably know is a gritty drama that won a boatload of Oscars including Best Picture. But you can hardly tell from these bizarre American posters, which seem to believe the film is a... 

...horror movie about Satan! (I'm not even sure who the red dude is supposed to represent, since he doesn't look like anyone in the film.)

...Looney Tunes cartoon and/or 60s beach movie!

And to complete the triumvirate of failure, here's another American poster that isn't quite as misleading as the other two, but does seem to indicate that Marlon Brando either appears in drag or plays the Joker...

Explanations? Conspiracy theories? Mocking comments?

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