March 19, 2007

Men, Women, and Movie-Watching

I found this to be interesting. From Cosmo magazine:

"We all have favorite films, but there's a reason your guy is never bored by his DVD library. 'Men have lower activity level in their brains when they take in a movie, so they can watch them over and over,' says brain-imaging specialist Daniel Amen, MD, author of Sex on the Brain. 'Women, on the other hand, have busier brains and need more depth or relational aspects to be engaged by a film.' So while guys are just as entertained no matter how many times they see Bruce Willis save the day or Will Ferrell in his underpants, the novelty usually wears off for chicks after one viewing. When women see a movie twice, it's because the flick hit them on an emotional level, not just as a two-hour diversion."

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